For passengers coming to and departing from the Philippines, here are some important things to remember before your flight.

  1. Check your passport and visas for your entire journey. Take note that some countries do not allow transit without visa. Make sure your itinerary and transit countries is clear to you. Also make sure that your passport is valid up to the duration of your trip.
  2. Place important documents in your carry on bag. Follow required size of carry on luggage, not exceeding 55x40x20 cm. For check-in and cabin baggage, please make sure to check with your airline first as baggage allowance may differ depending on the route and booking class fare.
  3. Always keep currency of country of destination for taxis, tips, and other incidental expenses.
  4. On check-in time, different check-in deadlines are observed at each airport. The airline is entitled to refuse to honor your reservation if you check-in later than the allowable time. At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, most airlines require at least 3hours check-in time before departure and longer than this if there is notification for heavier security check.
  5. For outbound passengers, make sure your airport taxes are paid, either from the time you purchased your ticket or paid at the airport for low-cost carriers.  Exit Permit is also required for expats.
  6. Incoming passengers who have Philippine visa other than tourist have to make sure they have secured re-entry permit or Special Return Certificate (SRC).
  7. Incoming passengers who will be given tourist visa should have out-Manila tickets.
  8. Children who are not traveling with their mother should first secure a Travel Clearance from DSWD.

This is a growing list. Do check it out from time to time to be updated on recent requirements.